My barely used MPCNC - time to go?

Hi all
I built this thing… and it’s basically never got used.
Played around with it, milled a few bits of aluminium (with varying success), few bits of timber… but never spent the time to get it dialled in.
To be honest, I enjoyed building it more than using it.

Currently sitting idle in the workshop. Vacuum attached as shown (not included), and I will also remove the wireless tablet I made for it. I want to use that for something else.

I will send the joystick which has a 0,0,0 reset button and works well.

White Leds all the way around the aluminium frame on a switch mounted to the LCD controller.
Motor button also on the LCD controller. Lots of extra wires to the centre motor mount including Z height sensing, cables for a laser etc.

Can’t remember the exact dimensions, but i think the bed (not the actual milling area) is 900mm deep x 1100mm wide. Z height? Probably around 150mm I would guess.
The unit is build on a heft piece of aluminium box section with MDF base.

I made some crappy timber legs for it. You might want to make nicer ones or bench mount it.

I have a wiring diagram, so you can fiddle to your hearts content.

Pretty sure it needs some time and effort spent dialling it in.

Runs on a Rambo 1.4, and includes the router and a selection of various bits I have for it.

Open to decent offers. No idea what it is worth, and I won’t ‘give it away’, as the parts alone will be worth stripping off it.
But, it has literally run a dozen times in the last few years, for about 10 minutes.


I enjoyed watching you build it. Thank you for sharing all that. Great work.

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For those that need to know… I am in the south of the UK. Not really possible to ship such an item successfully, so collection is probably easiest. Basically about an hour from Bristol.