My Build - Camano Is WA

Finally started my Build after months of delays and a ton of filament!! I’ll start my thread too!

24" x 16" build area (until I need more)

[attachment file=120408]

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Some assembly required!!

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The fun is beginning!

I do suggest a little shorter if possible.

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[attachment file=121056]
So much stuff to print. Now I’ll start wiring!

Awesome job packaging this. My biggest challenge will be learning the software.


Spagetti time!!! Had to order some extra cables from you because I really don’t like wiring and crimping new plugs.


Once the wiring is done only then can I discover what I did wrong!!

I’ll keep “plugging” along!!

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Completely stoked!!!15747178718534158271833364110209

I now have a fancy etch a sketch!! Now to whittle some foam!!


Howdy, This is not an abandond post just postponed. After all the printing and assembling, I am slowly progressing to completion. Installing a vacum system and router but had to desgin a clamp that will work with the Makita power chord and the vacum hose I am using.:ok_hand: so many cool addons people have created!!!
Working on a waste board too!

I am just starting to use Fusion360 and now, after reading a ton of posts here, Estlecam. Learning curve for me at 50 is a little slow.

I did have a question to add to this post… I noticed that we are all using similar routers Dewalt, Makita, harborfreight…etc. is there a post on here somewhere that has tool settings and feed rates?
I am using a Makita 701c and I purchased a whitesides cnc starter set. I am guessing someone here is using something close to my set up. I know that all our set ups vary but it would be cool for a beginer like me to have a jumping off point with some initial settings.

The MPCNC is steenkin cool! I’ll get it dirty real soon!


Yup it might not look like much but I would say it’s a success!!! Nothing is level BUt I had to make a cut!!! Now to set up my waste board and expand my bit selection. I have a long way to go and a lot to learn!
Yet another shout out to Vicious1 for the design of the MPCNC

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Did I mention this was off an SD card!

Gimp - inkscape - estlecam - repitierhost. That in it self is a learning curve that I fumbled through.

One step at a time.


NICE!!! You got it dirty! Your are official now, V1 Crew!

Same for me. I do my best to skip the Gimp step and start right in inkscape.

Learning the whole process of creating g-code from inkscape. Thought I would start simple and try out dust collection too.


How much Z are you losing (depth wise) with the dust collection?

Does it work pretty well without brushes and such to go all the way to the wood? In the video it looks good but I also can’t tell how much its generating.

Sorry for the late reply. I used about 3/8" z for the dust boot. I don’t notice it gone, but I am still learning.

I think it works fairley well!