My build from a small town in Indiana.

Finished initial assembly and putting everything under power tonight. My journey began in late February printing the parts. The whole process was fairly painless except for squaring up the gantry. Still not satisfied with that, but decided to live with it being off by 1/4" over the 48" of the Y. Still need to do something about the cord management, but for now my 48"x48"x6" mpcnc is ready to cut. Enjoy the photos of the messy work area.

Time to get the pictures up, then you can go ahead and get it dirty…

So here is a picture of my machine. Can’t figure out how to edit my first post to put the photo on there. Sorry about that.

Best answer ever Bill!

Chad, looks good. Wires can wait and the table will probably always have stuff on it (all of mine do). You should listen to bill though…Clean machines are not as sexy as dirty ones. As for the squaring, it might break into more square or after a few hours use take apart the center put it back together and it should work, you can swap the xyz pieces in the process and see it that does it. Seems to be a little bit of black magic in that part.

Did a little trace test with the logo and it turned out good. Next up will be milling some pockets to test the accuracy and figure out my feeds.