My first build, Primo, electronics dilema

I have all parts printed, some allready assembled. Waiting for pipes at the moment. Steppers are in, now I have to decide what to board to use.

I have marlin on MKS GenL on printer and I hate rorating knob on display. I did use octoprint at first but then stop using it because few prints get destroyed.

Can you give me advice what combo to use?

I had in mind:

  • no rotating knob
  • touch display with mowement keys on first side
  • wifi for transfering job to machine
  • no PC for controling machine
  • user friendly or beginner friendly job preparation in first place
  • emergency stop button

I have no knoledge of CNC job preparation (I understand Cura, S3D and simillar). Been reading somewhere that you can prepare jobs easy with some programs that runs on linux, dont know if this is the case.

What combo do you prefer?
Dont mind 8 bit or 32bit, It can be grbl or other, can be some MKS board or arduino with Rpi, maybe esp32, I just want to get kombo that is “easy to use” with simpl and I hope, enough option, job preparation .
I hope you understand me.

Grbl_esp32 works well but doesn’t meet all your requirements. It does have a web server interface that makes it easy to use and files can be transferred via wifi to an on-board SD card. It’s biggest problem is that it’s not in the mainstream on this forum but the workflow is quite straightforward.

Still deciding which board I will choose.
Maybe btt skr pro 1.2 with tft display… and rpi vith v1pi.
Is it possible to use mks tft70 display instead of btt tft35? I dont like button that btt display comes with.

Waiting on pipes…


There is a tft35 without the knob.

The tft70 might need different icons, and no one has made the icons for the larger display. I don’t think it would buy you much, honestly.

Noted, thank you for advice, there is a btt tft35 without a knob?

Table in making while I wait for tubes…


Looks good but now you won’t be able to tell if it was you or the router that set the table on fire :grinning:

Im still deciding on electronics. I have arduino mega 2560 doing nothing and I have drivers (DRV8825 and A4988) that are also doing nothing. Because Im on tight budget what do you thing I can use here. Maybe ramps 1.6 board?
I want dual endstop.
Can I use all 5 drivers with ramps1.6 board and dual endstop?
Maybe any other controler I can use that is budget friendly?