My first racing rig

Been having a lot of fun building this plywood and 2x4 monstrosity. I’ve had the Logitech g27 for sometime but it had been gathering dust, it’s too bulky to leave set up at a desk and sitting in an office chair just doesn’t feel like the right angles. The seat is from a 70’s bmw 2002 that my brother had laying around, I installed a bass transducer/ shaker puck in the back to add feedback. Monitor and arm were hand me downs, not the best but they work for now. Most recent thing I added was the handbrake that uses an Arduino promicro and a potentiometer to give analog control on how hard the handbrake is pulled.
Going to leave it as is for now and actually use it for a bit but eventually want to upgrade the chassis with much prettier cnc cut pieces. Primary game of choice is dirt rally 2.0, very unforgiving but really rewarding when you get the hang of it.


That’s fun. My brother does not have a 70s BMW laying around. Let me know if you two have a big fight. :slight_smile:

I re-read the sentence and it does sound like I just pulled it out of his car haha. Unfortunately my brother doesn’t have the car anymore and this was a spare seat from a parts car.

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That’s a nice rig. I’m sure that it’s not too hard to find appropriate seating from the local wrecking yard, just gotta find something that hasn’t been crawled over with muddy boots. Just checked, they’re $37 CAD for manual, or $45 CAD for power, just need 12V, lol. Hmmm, bet I could grab an actual steering wheel and shift lever, too. It’d take some work with an Arduino, but that could be a fun project…

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No texting while racing LOL!
Cool project

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Haha, the phone is actually used as a second screen for like a digital dash board. It’s a cool bonus feature that the program I use for the bass shakers supports.