My Laser LIVES !!!

Ok, so after a bit of work tonight to figure a few things out, extend some cables, yada yada yada .
She lives. and She is glorious :slight_smile:

Here is a short video on the first engraving I did.

I will say, it smells awesome… i love that smell. My wife, WILL NOT…
So first things first I need a filter, something. This is my basement, so venting to the outside may be hard. I know the new glowforge has a self containted filter that doesnt require venting. Anyone have any inside venting options?

Is there a repository of parameters or settings for different materials and different needs?
for instance.

1/8" acrylic - engraving - 200mm/s 1 pass, etc
1/8" acrylic - cutting - 50mm/s 10 passes

you get the idea.

thanks guys

That chess board has seen a lot of time under the cnc, I like it!
I stunk up the garage the first day I had my laser running. I was burning things for hours and hours. Smelled horrible the next day and I had both doors open. I need a really big fan, for you inside, probably a large charcoal filter minimum, I think you should really try and get that to vent outside though.

I added that video to the playlist, let me know if you want me to take it off. It is an unlisted video.

so now i need to hire an hvac guy to come do some work… lovely :slight_smile:
So another question, can i have the duct work run to a central area in my lab and it will work? or do I need to have it specifically at the router?
because I tend to move things around a fair amount.
Id liket to have a unit suspended from the ceiling, ducted to the outside (im on an outside wall, but it will require going through solid concrete) then from the unit run a length over to the area of the router.
In this scenario is the vacuum forces just strong enough to pull in the smoke etc? it doesnt need to be mounted to the tool head like a vac right?

Check this out,

As close to the laser as possible sounds nice after looking at that chart.