My LR2 in SoCal

The table is 44" x 66" with folding legs. I may have to redesign it eventually, but it is a small garage, so I made everything in a way that I can stash it away when not in use. I bought the entire kit for the LR2 from here and I have to say that I never imagined it to be such an easy build.
I just finished it yesterday and did a first test run on foam … and it looks pretty square to me. Next will be a wasteboard with threads in there and planed with the LR2 on one side and I will be ready to go!


Very nice. Every time I see another LR2 come alive I want to build one. So many projects I could do with a full sheet cut capability.

one day…
one day.

Nice looking build. Did you choose the filament to match the DeWalt? It looks good, very monochromatic. 8^)

Fwiw though, that’s probably not a great check of squareness. For one thing the framing square itself isn’t really a precision instrument. I’ve posted about my process for squaring, but there are other good approaches too. A 3-4-5 triangle works well too, if you have a good means of measuring it.


It all depends on your uses. A square can be tuned, and end up square enough for fine woodworking. If you’re making boxes that size, they will end up square enough to be assembled.

Thanks for the link - well that was the very first cut ever made. I was trying the sharpie method first but that thing kept falling off, so I went directly for the foam. The square was still just a quick check, but still happy it’s not a visible parallelogram. I’ll do more thorough tests and test cuts this weekend.

I actually wanted to make it part black and part yellow to match the colors of Borussia Dortmund (german soccer). But the black filament was somehow deforming much more than the yellow one so it all ended up in DeWalt matching color. But yeah… the wheels are red on the inside and I actually considered buying yellow ones to much the rest :joy:

Looks great, especially for a first cut. As @jeffeb3 notes, it may be plenty square for your purposes as is, too. It depends on what you want to do. There are loads of cool things to make that don’t demand “squareness” at all.

On the other hand I had to go a couple of steps beyond “square” on my current project…It’s hexagonal. 8^)

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I got a bunch of projects in mind from large plywood furniture like things to little chests. I think the biggest challenge will be something like inlays.
Just got started and it will be a journey of trial and error. I hope I have something to show soon in the made it part of the forum.