My MPCNC just made its first moves today

My MPCNC just made its first moves today. Had some nice weather here in the Chicago land area and was able to do some work in the garage and get my MPCNC moving. I drew and nice crown and was very happy with the outcome. Need to get some advice on a problem I am having with the X axis end stops.


What kind of problems?


So here is my problem. I set my X and Y end stops 4” from the corner and run a home on the X and Y-axis. The Y Axis hits both end stops at the same time. When I run the home on the X-axis, it hits the first end stop and starts making a bad noise for a few seconds and then stops. I look at the end stops and see that one side has hit the stop, but the other end is about 1/2" from the stop. When back and check my measurements and everything looks good. The only thing I find is the X-axis gantry cars are not the same distances from the corners.

Link to video showing the problem.

Now I am lost on how to fix this problem. Do you have any suggestions?


Is this the dual end stop firmware?

Endstops are on the wrong side, swap them.

Will give that a try.


Yes it is.

Spent some of the weekend working on the MPCNC and fixing the end stops.

The dual end stops are working and the machine is moving.

I have a video of it moving.

Thanks for the help.

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