My Nema 23 and Linear rail upgrade

I mostly use my lowrider for 3D carving and there’s two quirks that I want to improve on. First is very slow z-axis travel, it slows down the XY travel as well if it involves a movement on the Z-Axis. Next one is the skateboard rollers may wonder a bit.

So when I received some linear rails and NEMA 23 for a separate project I’m planing in the summer, I used them for now to beef up the lowrider.

I’m using SKR Pro 1.1, replaced the TMC2209s and use external drivers DM542 (Just use TB6600 in the marlin firmware). The 2X (series) and 2Y stepper motors are 178.5oz/in NEMA 23 using a metal mounting plate. While the 2Z is a 425oz/in. Note that I upgraded them for increasing the speed of the 3D carve and not to increase the cutting force/load. It’s mostly for the finishing pass which cut’s at average < 1mm.

I’ve bee using it for a while now cutting hard maple 30mm/s speed (Rough is 1/4 ballnose and 4mm depth of cut) (compared to 8mm/s with the Nema 17s). I also pushed it to 50mm/s but I’m too chicken to keep it that way. My two day projects(1 day for rough and 1 day finish) I can do in a day with time to spare.


nice, how did you connect your external drivers on the board may I ask.

I use an skr pro board, they have ena/dir/step/ground pins that’s wired straight to DM542 drivers

so the ena dir ena all grounded to driver

Here’s a picture of my wiring,