my z axis motors sometimes jam please help.

when I lift my z-axis one of the motors some time doesn’t move and makes a nasty sound. I have hand-cut and drilled the wood parts.

if I loosen the z rails it is a temporary fix but when I leave the machine for like 3 hours and try again the same problem starts again.

any tips?


It could be a few things but you didn’t really give any information on anything you are using so I suggest cutting the new plates as soon as possible and starting from there.

It works fine above 5cm from the lowest posible point so i think i just raise the spill board a bit and cut new plates with the cnc. Thanks again with the help


Yup, having the same issue. Am going to cnc the plates out of MDF so I know it’s flat and eliminate that from the equation also. I made a template on my 3d printer but alas my jig saw skills are not the greatest.

Wife calls it a toy so I gotta get it working soon.

Not working at the lowest point points to some things.

The brass nut, is it loose to let some misalignment happen, this would bind as the gap gets smaller?

Are your Z rails equidistant top and bottom, this would pinch the rollers?

No the brass nut is tight and has no movement ill test it with loose brass nut now.

The loose brass nut fixed the problem thanks Ryan!

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Crazy how just a tiny little tweak can make such a huge difference, right? When I first built mine I could not figure out why so many people had an issue…turns out I was instinctively leaving that loose and it took a while to learn others were not doing that.

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