Need 3D printed parts for the MP3DP


I don’t have a 3D printer and I want to build a MP3DP. I’ve got a Primo currently, so I can mill the milled parts myself. I’d buy the printed parts from the shop if they were in stock!

If someone has the free time available on their 3D printer, I’d like to commission them to print the printed parts for the MP3DP. I’m located in Southern California, so ideally I’d like to keep shipping costs low by having someone in the US print the parts and ship them to me via flat rate box or other cheap shipping equivalent.

If you’re interested, let me know! Best way to reach me is via email at


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@vicious1, do you have any ideas?

I can have a set ready by tomorrow if you would like!


That would be wonderful :slight_smile: @vicious1

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Looks like I’ve got some milling to do! Very excited to have my first 3d printer