Need help creating your CNC files? Check this out.

Hello everyone,

If you are like me, there are some skills you probably don’t have or aren’t really good at. OR you don’t have the time to create your carving files. I looked around trying to find someone to help me create my files and didn’t have much luck. Some were insanely expensive and others really didn’t have an idea about what CNC is. They could create a 3D model but lacked the additional skills to make it happen. Then I checked back on (like the fourth or fifth time).

Finally, I found a guy that is really good, knows Autocads Fusion 360, and a number of other software programs and he knows and understands CNC needs which means he sets your files up in gcode so you can carve them. Along with the file, you can also get the 3D files.

Your CNC file has the tool bits set up with feed rates you will use for your post-processor. He gets your info and sets up the file so you just save to your SD card and go.

Go to: and he will work with your table size, project and whatever else you need. The prices he charges are very reasonable too. And he’s really patient (I needed someone like that because I’m still learning).

Contact Nivyan if you have a project. Figure about $40.00 I gave him 5 stars on everything and even tipped him because I was so happy.


Hey Mike,

I have been struggling with cad and cam tools trying to make the radius carve on a fret board. I was thinking about hiring someone to do it for me. How do you manage to get the code compatible with the v1 marlin firmware? I normally use estlcam for my Goode creation. I am pretty sure he won’t have use of that.


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Hey Michael, lets have a chat on fiverr ;)

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He sets up the file as he did for mine. It works fine. I told him what post processor to use and he did the whole thing no problems. I see my code in ESTLCAM

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I am at the stage of trying to figure this out now. I can make the 3D models and generate the SVGs to use, but trying to understanding the tool paths required. So far I have been doing ok, but mainly because I have found some tutorials that were just what I needed for a project. Lots of baby steps at the moment.


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Yup, that’s how it is. But it’s nice to have someone that can do the work if you get stuck.

He works with something that will open in ESTLCAM because that’s how I opened and reviewed my gcode.

You can open gcode files (or .nc files) in estlcam, but the .e10 or whatever is needed if you want to edit feed rates, or make a small change.

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Thanks Jeff.