Need more machines to build

So back in March I bought my first 3D printer. It was a Monoprice MP200 mini I got for $128 refurbed. I started looking for something to do with it and I stumbled across the V1engineering site. Well, I’m hooked. I built a 36"x36" -ish MPCNC with about a 5" Z that did what I needed it to do…cut parts for the MP3DP. Once I got that all dialed in I started seeing the rumblings of the new Primo model coming out. So to sate my need for more machines, I went and found the Piper 3D printer, and built a 300x300 version of that. My wife came into my office with the MP200 and the MP3DP behind me running parts off for the Piper and asked what all the noise was. I told her they were making new friends. She just shook her head and walked away. Anyway, all of this while checking the main Primo thread, twice a day, waiting for pics, stats, and parts. So here now I wait, with 3 printers and 5 rolls of PLA. It’s so close I can taste it. After that, I’ll have to build a shed in the yard for all my yard equipment so I can fit a full sheet Lowrider in my garage, along with the other two rigs. So design more machines, because I need more things to build. Thanks Ryan for all the cool toys! I sourced everything myself but will be sending some loot your way to help keep the dream alive. I might even buy EstlCAM too :wink:



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This suggests she’s gotten used to your antics. If she ALSO regularly tells you she loves you, you’ve won! Be sure to make her some pretty stuff with your army!


I love kits I’ve been building and repairing Prusa machines for some time but I have to say making my Low Rider, table, case etc has been a serious journey.

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