Need slicer advice for a part

Is there a way to add supports to only one specific area on a model? As you can see in the pic below, I had a failed print on a MP3DP part. The large hole could have used supports, but the smaller hole printed just fine without supports. I’d rather not have to cut out the supports in the smaller one since it
isn’t a complete through hole.

Am I better off by laying the part on its side in the slicer?

I use Cura.

I’m sure all slicers have this function hidden somewhere.

I know on simplify3d, you can ‘add supports’, and then go into a support customize window and add/remove supports.

Thanks for the replying.

I couldn’t find a way in cura that was obvious or intuitive to customize its supports. The only thing that pops out to me is a choice of supports for “Everything” or “touching the buildplate”…whatever that means…

Anyway, I’m watching a couple youtube tutorials on supports in Cura. I just added a plugin for cura for “Custom Supports”, maybe that will get me what I need.


@mannya Here’s a quick overview for Cura.

  1. Create a model in your favorite CAD software that envelopes the area that you would like to add supports. That can be as simple as a cube.

  2. Export as STL.

  3. Open Cura and import the original model as well as the support volume model on the same tray.

  4. Change/update any print settings.

  5. Position the support model over the area that you would like to focus your supports.

  6. With the support part selected, change the “Per Model Settings” (second to last Icon on left toolbar) to “Modify Settings for Overlaps”. Select “Cutting mesh” from the pulldown. Click on the “Select Settings” button to include “Generate support ” . Finally check the Generate Support checkbox.

  7. Slice your model and check that it worked how you like it in Preview.

Hopefully that works out for you.

I figured it out after watching several youtube videos. I just added support blockers to the areas I didn’t want supports. It just wasn’t an obvious feature without a deep dive into cura.

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You should be able to make that overhang though. Supports are fine, but with a good part cooling fan, and as long as your hot end temp isn’t way over, it should be able to make that.

Yeah, I initially thought that too. I’ve printed similar parts without supports before, with no issues. Nevertheless, I printed at 200C and 60c on the heat bed with hatchbox PLA.

Maybe burnt residue on the nozzle just happened to get in the print at the most inopprtune moment.

That is my thought too. It always annoys me that I can’t figure out how to get the slicer to not automatically generate supports for circles.