Nema 23 Motors

Hey everyone, First Post I have been lurking for awhile and printing my 525 MPCNC since the end of may and am about half done with it. I have yet to buy any non printed parts, but a friend of mine gave me 5 Nema 23 steppers he bought originally for a mill conversion that he recently upgraded to use some fancy high powered servos. From what he could remember here is the data sheet for the steppers he gave me

Would these steppers be able to be driven by the DRV8825 and ramps 1.4? From what I can see the current plans have the steppers in parallel?? off of the same driver can the 8825 run 2 of these Nema 23 with out current issues or would they draw 4 amps if I set the limit to 2amps. Would I need to under power these significantly to make them work? Sorry if any of this doesn’t make sense I have built a few printers but never run more than one stepper off the same driver and some of this is a bit new to me. Are there any other gotcha’s that I am missing If I end up using these Nema 23 motors, like would I need to buy a bigger power supply?

This all being said the steppers are only 1 part of my build, I love the kit on here but I am torn because someone gave me $100 worth of free stepper motors to use in my project and I am guessing that the steppers make up a decent chunk of the cost of the kit. Has anyone sourced their own hardware that has any tips or would be willing to share their BOM and sourcing locations (I am building the US version)? I started to source my own hardware but my first attempt came out with something like $100 in just hardware cost (nuts/bolts) because I couldn’t help myself from picking the fancy oxidized bolts etc.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

You are paying way too much if you are spending 100 on hardware by hardware do you mean more than nuts and bolts?

Yeah I meant just nuts and bolts =(, I plan on shopping around a bit and cutting that amount way down just haven’t had time yet. Also to be fair I was looking at ordering 50/100 count boxes when I only needed like 4 bolts, and half that was a ridiculously expensive acme lead screw that I probably don’t need to start with for my first build out (in my defense it was shiny and I had had a few scotches when I was putting together my parts list and at the time convinced myself I needed it). Was more just curious if the kit is the way to go or if there are a lot of people sourcing their own stuff.

I’m no expert, but I don’t see why there should be any problem with those steppers… except for the physical size of course :slight_smile:
The drv8825 will limit the current.
I’m using these:

I maybe paid 20 dollars for the nuts, bolts, washers, and the threaded rod. I just got everything from the hardware store.