Nema 23

Hi Pals:

I´m building one and almost finishing the hardware section. I hove some nema23 127oz motors available and
would like to give them a try. I know that they´re not the best option due to weight/drivers but they´re just
collecting dust here…
I found the nema23 add on support, . But I´m confused because
the nema17 support acts also as a clamp for the upper conduit. The nema23 add-on is supposed to be placed in the far
end, replacing the j-roller-plate… my stupid question is , what is going to keep the upper conduits in place ?
I could just cut the nema17 support in half and use it as a clamp, but maybe there´s something better to do.

Thanks !


Sorry won’t work. That was for the previous model.

Really is best not to use 23’s anyway.

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