New and intro

Hello all.

I’m not sure if this is the right place for a first post, but I’m new here and wanted to post a hello, thank you and introduction.

First my name is Tom and I just got my first 3D printer last week. I’ve since spent a lot of time reading and playing with it to get decent prints. Overall I love it.

My background is in Computer Engineering and networking as well as construction and making stuff.

So when I came across the MPCNC I was excited as I’ve played with CAD way way back and have thought the technology offers all sorts of cool possibilities. But cost has always been an issue. Hence the price of the printers coming down and now seeing this makes me want to jump in.

So I’ve started printing and will be building my 2’x2’ Primo soon!

also if this is the wrong place please move.



Welcome! I recognize a lot from my own journey down the rabbit hole, in what you are writing.

What differs is that my background is working with people, so figuring the ins and outs have been a steep climb. You on the other hand are better set! :grin:


Welcome! I think one of the strong points of this community is the variety of backgrounds. Lots of different takes when interesting issues crop up.


Just got a 3D printer and went straight to DIY CNC…I like you already!



Thanks. It’s the engineer in me. Many generations of engineers and builders!

I’ve actually looked at CAD and played with it way way back. I won’t date myself but will say that if you know what a PRIME is then you have an idea. Unfortunately the college I went to just started a CAD/CAM program my last year and at that point I just wanted to graduate so I only took one class. I’ve played with various CAD apps over the years but never had time to mess with them more than enough to wish I had more time and money.

So now I have a little more time, and while money isn’t unlimited things like your MPCNC and reasonably priced 3D printers make it possible and worth exploring now. Plus I’m getting more into woodworking and it would be nice to be able to do some unique things that CNC may allow.

BTW do I get any “bonus points” for already printing out a part for my MPCNC? I’m about 80% done with the first part!


We’ll see about getting the goat to you ASAP, but due to ongoing COVID-related issues, you’ll have to source your own candles, mistletoe, eye of newt, and tears of a virgin (we stopped suggesting/mentioning blood during the rituals around the time the burly came out).

Sage is also highly recommended. Not necessarily for a cleansing, but as seasoning for the goat. No need to waste it…



With all the free/low cost hobby CAD packages available it is pretty amazing. I bet kids in college these days don’t even have to sign up for lab time to use a CAD package at school!

The awesome part of what you are doing is 3D printers let you make things with little regard for manufacturability, with the CNC you will get a taste of that hard part of CAD. Can’t wait to see what you make.

I bought my first 3D printer just for building the MPCNC :slight_smile:

Welcome Tom, on this great forum and much succes with your build!


@keeze thank you. So far I like what I see. It seems like Ryan has done a great job coming up with a great CNC. And the community looks like they’ve done a great job building on it.

I’m really looking to learn as much as I can, to building the MPCNC, and to eventually using it to make stuff.


We’ll expect to see the build progress. you can post in the “Your builds” forum.



Nope at least my college had it in every computer in the engineering department. Thiugh they where teaching SW so I couldn’t just install it on my home pc :frowning:

@tfaigle welcome! Please if your run into any issues ask! And I hope you stick around and help solve some problems. Computer engineers are hard to come by :wink:

My computer engineering days are long past, these days I’m more of a project manager and problem solver/consultant.

Unlike us Computer Scientists, who mill around like art students and wishy-washy philosophers on the Left Bank, getting underfoot and generally making life difficult for normal folk… :smiley:


My MFA in Stage Management says “I resemble that remark” even though these days I’m a “Senior IS Problem Management Analyst.”

Just make sure you keep it away from your filament stash. Or else you’ll really have some extrusion problems! :goat: :rainbow:


Ha! So did I… then got distracted.

Be Warned @tfaigle Tom… like you I got stuck in as soon as I’d unpacked my printer. That was November.

To be fair to myself, I finally pulled the last printed part off my machine today, but it is very easy to get distracted. Enjoy every bit of it!


I’m in no hurry. Just trying to make decent prints. Learn the printer and have fun.
That said the more time I spend here the more I see the MPCNC as a very interesting rabbit hole. So while I’m not in a hurry, I am going to try and build one as quickly as I reasonably can. Now I don’t know what that means. But I guess we will find out over the next few weeks and months.

So far I got the feet printed. So it’s a start. I was going to print one then get the tubing to make sure everything was ok, but I liked the first print so much I got carried away. But I will get out once the ice storm we are having passes and get it. Then on to more printing! And of course more reading here and YouTube videos.



I see what you mean. The last few days I was really busy so didn’t get much printing done. But have got several done today. And it’s cool seeing the parts box slowly get fuller!

I’m documenting in my build thread.

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