New Build - Auto Home Problem on Y-Axis

I just completed the wiring on my MPCNC with the dual-endstop setup purchased here last week. Homing for X and Z is working as expected but when I attempt to Home Y only Y1 actually moves and Y2 locks which eventually causes Y1 to start skipping.

Using the LCD, I can move Y in both directions smoothly. Any Ideas?

Board: Rambo 1.4

No changes to firmware which is listed as Bugfix 2.0 on the LCD.

Tipple check the endstops to make sure they are working, mostly Y2. Run an m119 open an closed to verify it all works as it should.

I don’t yet have repetior-host setup so can’t send g-code yet but when motors are disconnected and I home y with the LCD I can manually trigger the endstops and it sets to zero. The issue whenmotors are hooked up and I home, the endstops are never hit. The Y-Axis just binds and the Y1 stepper starts jerking. It is odd because as I mentioned in my earlier post, the movement is smooth as silk if I just use the LCD to move. If I were to make a guess I would say something wrong with the code that is sent when I home but I am sure you have tested that well.


I will get repetier installed and try what you suggest.

Absolutely impressed with the design by the way. Can’t wait to make some dust…

I am not sure what could cause that. M119 will really supply a definitive answer. If you can’t find an issue with your wiring reflash with my current firmware.

You hit it on the head. The limit switch that came with the board is bad. I think I can pick one up locally tomorrow.

Thanks for the help.


Check the spade connector, a few have been a bad crimp.

Correct again. The switch is fine.

Thanks again!