New build in Boquete Panama

Firstly a huge thanks to Ryan for designing such an awesome machine and creating this amazing forum.

I’ve been watching this progress since 2016 when I moved away from the SF Bay Area down to the mountain town of Boquete, Panama.

Not having access to maker spaces prompted me to want to build my own down here, so after getting settled down, it’s finally time to turn some attention to building my first CNC.

I just got a 3D printer as well so time to start printing up the parts. It will probably be a slow task as power outages are quite common down here so even on a battery backup, I’ll be printing each part individually to minimize risk of lost prints.

This is gonna be a blast!



Make sure you find the conduit/tubing first before printing the parts! You’d hate to get them all printed then find that you can’t source that tubing…

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Hi Bill.


I actually brought a bunch of EMT down here with me when my wife and I moved in 2016. She used to be an electrician before she became a mommy and had quite a bit laying around the garage.

Heck yeah. Can’t wait to see your build.

That is a serious change of pace, I moved to Tracy (just over the hill) and already feel more relaxed and not so caught up in all the Bay Area hustle/traffic.

It’s so slow that I have to come up with things to occupy my time.

Just do as another suggested earlier today… Print your pieces with 0.02mm layer height. You’ll have plenty of time to watch that! :slight_smile:

Has anybody ever used cat5e or cat6 for wiring up steppers to ramps board? Turns out finding 22awg was harder than I thought down here and it was either Cat cable or 18awg solid wire.

I used cat5E for mine. Stranded. Works good but I’ve heard of some interference if you use dual end stops. If you use unshielded cable for your steppers I would use shielded cable for the micro switches.

If I used a second cat cable for the end stops instead of a twisted pair in the original cat cable, should I be ok? Thanks

Haven’t tried that. I used each pair in the cable as 1 of the stepper wires

If I understand the ramps layout correctly, using dual end stops means I no longer wire steppers in series?

Correct, because each stepper should have its own driver.