New build in Dayton, Washington

[attachment file=106852] First attempt. How do I make it larger?

Is that Ryan’s Gcode or yours?

If you’re following the basic cam tutorial, you can make it larger in estlcam by using the scale function. If it seems like it’s 25.4x too small, then you probably imported it as inches, and the original design was in mm.

The paper has 1/4 inch grid lines. So it printed just over an inch wide. I made a makeshift pen holder with zip ties so the drawing is a little crude. I am totally new to this so any help is appreciated. How do I change the scale? It is Ryan’s gcode downloaded from v-1 website. Using Estlecam and Repetier.

I guess it’s about 2 inches wide.
Step 4 – Scale / Re-Zero
The crown imported at about 55mm wide I want about 150mm wide.

Select>Resize>Drawing Layers, then click on the DXF to select it. I scaled the crown 250x to get it to 150mm (5 3/4″). Zoom out to see your DXF.

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