New Build, Kettering, UK

Hi, this is my build so far. i still have the wiring to finish, once i find the motor extensions with the correct connectors, and fit end stops.

I am using the Mks Gen L V1 controller with DRV8825 stepper drivers and 86oz steppers. all running very nice so far.

I tried the crown with a wonky pen tapped to the tool mount, which came out ok. so tried my own pen mount and something a bit more creative.

The MpCNC is very well designed and easy to put together so far.

thanks. Chris.


I like your alternative pen mount! Simple and effective. If the pen is wobbly, you might extend the length of the holder , or have two parts?

thanks for the reply, the wobble was before i made the pen mount, it draws perfectly now.

Any updates? I am also starting my own build using the MKS. Based in Hull, but originally from just down the road from you - Wellingborough.

hi, no real updates.

i decided to go with the original endstops to keep all the wiring together, and printed a temporary lcd case.

my motor extension cables have arrived, so i should be able to start wiring properly now.

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