New Build Near Atlanta, GA

Hi Guys! Time to stop lurking. I’ve been working on this for quite some time. I’m kind of a cheap skate so I had to wait several months saving enough credit card reward points to pay for most of it. I ended up spending about $100 US including the Dewalt router. (Ended up bringing the Makita from the big shop, so much smoother.) Started printing parts in February, assembly began end of March. Calling it finished now, but I made a couple of actual functional parts before it was really done.

[attachment file=“desktop-4.jpg”]
The build time included first making the cabinet it’s setting on. Made from scrap laying around the shop. The tabletop is an unused door slab that’s been hanging round for 6 or 8 years.[attachment file=“desktop-3.jpg”]
[attachment file=“desktop-5.jpg”]
I spent way too much time on wire management but I wanted it to really look finished. I’m pretty happy with it.[attachment file=“elec-box-front.jpg”]
[attachment file=“box-open1.jpg”]
[attachment file=“elec-box-side.jpg”]
The third thing I cut was the cover for the electronics box. Still figuring out the whole “zero” thing.

The first thing I cut was a router jig to be used for cutting a flower design in cedar brackets. It came out perfectly, as square as I can measure.[attachment file=“router-jig.jpg”]
The second project was a tablesaw insert for a General saw to accomodate a new insert V-groove cutter head. In spite of a little scaring on the underside due to some malfunction in stepover (which I still don’t quite understand), it came out perfectly usable.[attachment file=“tablesaw-insert-back.jpg”]

Thanks Ryan for a fantastic design job. Everything went together like a swiss watch. Just incredible how smoothly it works. (Hope I didn’t get too carried away here.)

I like the build it’s so clean and all the little extra things like the removable shield and the pipe for the vac hose and router wiring, the electronics box looks nice what’s the texture on the outside. Can’t wait to see what’s to come

That pipe was pure luck. I was looking around for something to use as a mast for the wires and vacuum hose and there was this pipe with a slot running all the way down. I think it was left over from a library ladder installation.

That texture is basically a bunch of triangles. I came up with that a while back to hide layer lines. Thingiverse #3611140

The small vacuum hose is from an old Bosch sander.