New build - The Netherlands

Some years ago I saw the design of Ryan and thought it would be a fun CNC machine to make.
Sadly I didn’t had a 3d printer back then. So I wasn’t able to build this machine.
Last year I bought one (FlashForge Finder) and got familair with it.
So after some time I remembered that I saw this design, and look further in to it.
At the end of may 2019 I decided to built one, even though I don’t have any experience with coding/firmware/electronics.

And so the journey continues…
After quite a while the printer was ready with all the parts…
So I decided to buy the complete kit from the site because it was way easier than to search for myself with the chance of getting the wrong items.

Then finally the components arrived at my front door, and I could start the build.
It was a really fun and easy process with the manual at from Ryan and all went well!!

When I completed the build (in only a day or 2) I jumped to the drawing of the famous Crown.
It all went REALLY well!!!
After that I went to sleeving the complete wiring so it looks neat.
And last thursday my bits finally arrived and as Ryan Always say “Get the machine dirty”!!
Although it was the wrong bit for this carving, I’m really happy with the result.

Now it is time to get more familiar with CAD drawing so I can make some nice designs myself.




Added some pictures of the first carving ever!

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Your post is very encouraging to me! I don’t have a technical background, and I’m a little nervous to see how things will go - reading this post has been a great relief!

What spindle are you using?


Finally did some sleeving with all the loose wires.
Also made a little housing to protect the electronics.
Still not quite finished but the end is near!
Also need to make a decent table, but the temperature over here is around 39 c. So I’ll wait a couple days to complete that.

[quote quote=106078]What spindle are you using?

I’m using a Parkside router, the DeWalt router being used by the rest is hard to come by.

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