new firmware

I have been running B16_32_fullG-080116_1 I wanted to connect a laser so I upgraded to MPCN813_GLCD and my machine went nuts, my ramps board I think shorted out as I was checking limit switch wires when I powered up it takes out my laptop. my bad… but installed a spare I had and put back in B16_32 and all is well??? what is different about the new firmware and can I run laser on b16?

You can run a laser on any firmware you want. You haven’t given the full file name but I suspect maybe you flashed the wrong board version? Nothing should have changed other than at some point one of the axis directions got flipped and I have been tuning the accelerations. The list of what has changed in the firmware is very long and you would need to look through github to determine that.

thank B16 has worked well for a couple of years no use changing now!