New LR2 In Illiinois

I know I know, I don’t have the MPCNC finished yet, but I just finished reading about those using a door for a sub table surface and it got me looking. Low and behold, thanks to Craigslist, I just scored (5) 18" x 80" Doors for $25.
I figure I can craft a 57.25" x 120" table out of them along with some two by fers and what not.

Besides, by the time I get this finished, Ryan will probably come out with LR Gonzo edition, so it will be back to the drawing board!

A number of folks have used doors as a table base. A clever idea in my opinion.

I’m wondering if you might want to layer the doors more similar to a wood floor such that there will not be a continuous joint horizontally across the table.

I was thinking I would be safe with a 3/4 mdf spoil board on top but I’d be very interested to hear what others have to say.

I’d be tempted to flip your middle row, just to avoid all those four-corner joints. As long as you have straight cross members supporting them, you’ll likely be just fine.

Hey that’s a great idea. And maybe that was what high probability was suggesting I just didn’t understand it till you explained it.

Yep. Post pics of the build as you go.

Not much left to print!


Your almost on you my to a lots of fun and frustration and something REALLY FUN to build!
Keep send updates.

Slow going, between refining the MPCNC, learning inkscape, estlcam and working on this.
Wasted a lot of time on dust collection options for the MPCNC that did not work out, at least for me.
Got the 611 and Y plates cut out this week. After reading a lot about flexing, went with .5 &.75 baltic birch.
Have to say very happy with the MPCNC, my first CNC that has actually produced sawdust instead of frustration.
Huge shout out to Ryan for making this all possible.

Makita router just came in, printed out relevant parts. All that’s holding me back now is my “bifold door” table project.