New machine in Paris, 50x60cm International Edition Size

Hi everyone,

I took my time to print the parts and built the stuff, but I’m really happy of the result!

I printed most of the part in ABS, the tubes are IE 25mm diameter in aluminum. Bearing are 608RS, leadscrew M8. I’m thinking about replacing the M8 with a trapezoidal leadscrew (any experience on it?)

Mounting the Middle part was very fun I must admit, even if I use some bad words during the process… ! Everything was quite fine, just got some problem with the feet holder parts (IE flex foot & corner blocks) which seem to break when screwing tight.

Not yet printed or milled, just draw for squares and circles on paper so far.

I will send more pictures and vids.

Thanks, Vicious1, for the great project!





Hi fredAldeb !

Great work ! All seems perfect ! Can’t wait to see your machine cutting wood ! Maybe one day in Paris !

So i will go say bad words too tonight, i have to mount the middle part ! :slight_smile:

See you !

and some vids…

an other one…

Merci Matthieu,

Take your time and enjoy. Post some pics then!