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I am getting ready to purchase my 1st kit/MPCNC machine. Later on I would like to have a larger machine to be able to mill custom doors but right now I just want to get started with a smaller machine. The pics I’ve seen posted on the site show a fairly small machine but some of the videos show some that are a little larger. Can the conduit rails be cut to different lengths, depending on what size table you want to mount to. For example, the kit says to cut the rails to a certain size to fit a certain footprint. I want to be able to do work on maybe a 30" x 36" piece. Can I cut the rails to accommodate that size or am I stuck with the smaller looking footprint shown in the pics & videos. Thanks

Sure, you size the machine by the length of the sides and the height of the legs. That said you are much better off to learn on a small machine and only expand it after you are fully comfortable with your CAM. Try this, cut the rails to match your 30" x 36" work area (that’s pretty large for an MPCNC, you would likely be better with a Low Rider) but build it to fit 18" x 18" and leave the extra tubing outside the corners. Something that looks more like a hash sign than a square. Get good at that size, the slide the corners out to 24" x 24" and see how it’s different. When you are doing great at that size then move to 30" x 30" and finally to the full size.


Thanks vert much. I was hoping that would be doable with the longer tubes and a smaller footprint to start and then expand. Thanks again

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Jesse, what are you dreaming of building with version 1? The normal advice of build small and learn is good but if you already have plans for v2 I’d build a full size lowrider gantry on a short table.

Give yourself something like 48 x 12 cutting area and learn with that then upgrade the table when you are ready for the next step. If you are willing to tile a job you could even cut a full size sheet of ply.

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That is a very good point. I would like to do doors and fireplace mantels eventually. My wife wants a laser engraver/cutter machine so this may be dual purpose. I will look at the low rider a bit more. Thanks

If you’re certain you’re going to move to work pieces longer than about three feet on one side, then you’re going to want the lowrider eventually. Might as well start there, rather than with the Primo. There’s an upper limit to effective size on the Primo, whereas there really isn’t a lower end to effective size on the lowrider.

I suggest you build the Lowrider gantry to the desired final width, and buy belts long enough for your target table size. Start on a shorter table, just leave the belts long and coil and secure the excess length so it stays out of the way. Then you can extend the table length as you gain experience and confidence.

I think that I will build the low rider 1st. I can size it as needed. I will probably end up building the smaller unit for my wife and put a laser on it. Thanks for the response