New Member Introduction

I have spent many years as an Electrical Engineer, repairing and maintaining relatively large CNC machines. Heller and GROB mainly.

I recently decided to take up Hobby machining. In my ignorance, I thought the transition would be be quite straight forward.

What a very naive assumption!!! I’m so grateful for a forum / website like this, that will help me realise this is a highly skilled hobby. With many helpful members, willing to share their valuable experience.

Thank you for accepting me into your world.


Welcome Derek. Which machine are you interested in making, if any?

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Yay! Another engineer we get to make cry! :clown_face:

Seriously, welcome aboard! If you’re willing to let go of a few of the zeros you may have gotten used to in your day job, you’ll probably be amazed at what some grubby conduit and skateboard bearings can do! And I’m serious about that, let go of the zeros… If nothing else, think of the maintenance required to keep those big hunks of iron and steel trammed and square, then think about a bunch of yahoos doing the same with rubber bands and curtain rods in their garages. After you finish laughing, or drinking, or both, oil up your slide rule and strap on your pocket protector, because we’re all engineers here, and nothing is more fun than building your own semi-autonomous death-bot, and forcing it to create frilly kitchen kitsch for the Real Boss, or endless carving boards for friends, family, and local businesses.

Now, where did I put my coffee…

Welcome to the crew!

The feeds and speeds…very different. The cost and time lost to a catastrophic mistake equally and oppositely different. I am sure you will enjoy a V1 machine. Can’t wait to share some knowledge.

Wellcome Derek, Come in and take a seat please.