New MPCNC build in Detroit

Hey everyone. I just wanted to say hi and show off my completed build. It has a 36" x 36" x 3" cut space. A friend printed all the components in PLA. The MPCNC is mounted on a table with leveling feet and two sheets of 3/4" MDF on top. I am using a RAMPS 1.4 to drive it and a Makita router for the spindle.

One of the first things I cut with the MPCNC was brackets for the assembly that holds the keyboard, mouse, and monitor. I used left over EMT for the vertical pole. There is a 6" diameter circle of 12ga steel welded to the top of the EMT tube. The pole swivels in the lower brackets and the monitor/keyboard mount swivels on the top.

The power supply (an old ATX power supply) is mounted under the table and the RAMPS is mounted below it in a 3d printed box with two 40mm fans.

When looking at the photo of the side… The 4 outlets on the left are always on and power the computer and monitor. The 4 on the right are switched by the emergency stop switch (bottom left of photo). A single cord runs from those junction boxes to the wall for a nice clean setup.



Looks good! Good size.

Make sure that cord is really really loose. We work with very tiny tolerances and pulling on that is multiplied in force and has caused many many an issue.

Even better would be to anchor it to the gantry then go up to your spring.

That makes sense. I will keep that in mind. The spring that is attaching the cord to the chain is the softest/floppiest spring I could find. It takes next to no force to stretch it and it only really stretches at the far front/left corner of the table.

That’s beautiful. I love you monitor and keyboard stand. Once you have conduit on hand, it has more uses than you ever dreamed of.

Dig the monitor stand. Good to see another michigan build, I’m also in the detroit area.

Awesome. Your build looks great. It’s nice to know there are others around.

SW Michigan here. In the middle of squaring and setup of our build.