New MPCNC Build, Israel


Finally my parts arrived and I can start building my MPCNC


  • Work area 636mm x 336mm
  • Outer dimensions (tubes) 900mm x 600mm
  • 500W 3 Phase spindle from Bangood
  • Marbel PLA, and Hatchbox silk
Base stage - Done



Cool color scheme, can’t wait to see it finished.


Thank you Ryan.

I would like also to thank you on a beautiful design, i worked on it today for about 8 hours.

I initially wanted to use only the marble PLA, but due to failed prints i ran out :frowning:

I finished the assemble and will start with the wiring. hopefully in a couple of days. I will take this time to print drag chain for the wires.

I attached a marker to the Z-Assemple and moved it around by hand to draw the “work area”. As you can see the square seems to be very good :slight_smile: the dimensions are 335mm and 625mm almost as planned.

I just hit a small road bump and it was that i broke my XYZ Plate when tried to tighten the outer screws, re-printed and all is good

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I setup the belts and electronics and ran my first crown test :)

My build

My crown test


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Hi Kamil,


Where did you get the steel tubes in Israel?

A friend of mine work in this field and he bought them for me. Not sure where from, he had them from before.

As I understood, Scope sells them, but not sure they sell for private persons


I looked at Scope and some others, and the closest thing I find is 3/4" pipe which has OD 26.7mm.

Search for tube, should bring up different options.

So, while i’m waiting for the wood to build the table for the MPCNC and the mill bits i ordered from banggood to arrive (since September :frowning: )

I Finished the wiring, connected the spindle.

Found an old bit from a dremel like tool i had, so i tested it with foam :slight_smile:


DXF file from:

Is there a way to check what the intended radius ESTLCAM generated the gcode files to represent?


Holding the middle button down on your mouse in estlcam gives you a measurement tool. Should get you close.


I built a table for the MPCNC and added an emergency button to disconnect the main electricity feed to all my electrical parts, rambo and spindel.

Also added an enclosure to help with keepong the place clean, just need to figure out how to connect the front.



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First test drive with a Vbit 60Degrees, 10mm.

The result is great, i need to improve my settings. i think i was using a high feedrate 8mm/s, and the highest speed of my spindle.

The collet in the picture is ER11 for reference


That came out great. You can tell by the corners!

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