New MPCNC bulid in Kings Lynn, UK

On the begining i want to say hello to You all.

I’m Cristopher, come from Poland but currently live in UK. I found this MPCNC bulid plans long time ago, tried to bulid it… but as far i remember there was website down for quite long time, so i stopped all. After year i found some parts during cleaning “workshop” and decided to check again. All was avalible again, even more information appeared and that was my dream start. I printed all original parts, followed instructions and get it to this state:

[attachment file=114275]

Later I printed rest parts, grab mks gen L (form old 3d printer), wire all up (thanks Ryan for tape measure trick! Love it!) and test it with pen.

[attachment file=114270]
[attachment file=114269]

[attachment file=114268]


That was point where i felt to confident and made huge mistake. I move to steel sheet with 0 knowledge and 0 expernice.

[attachment file=114271]
At this point i snap leg mount and one corner (i think i made it to tight when assembling). I found some mods on fb group so i decided to print “stronger” corners and legs. I think Ryan made it strong enought, but not idiot proof - like me :smiley: It was cleary my fault so went back to reading.


Now my MPCN looks like this:

[attachment file=114272]

There is still a lot to learn, to adjust, have to start using auto aquaring etc. Tried fusion360 and post processor but dont know why MPCNC moves so strange. I mean when in f360 I see rapid move (G0) my MPCNC start to move so stupid fast. Thinking if i made something wrong in Marlin? (max speed or something). When it start milling all looks fine.

At the end want say big thanks to Ryan for sharing this awesome project!

P.S. Sorry for all mistakes or not good gramma. I had Germany in school. I know, I live couple years in UK so should speak English… I had hope to learn English too, but no… now I can speak Russian and Romanian :slight_smile: If You know what i mean :slight_smile:


Very nice. Interesting the feet went from burly to pre-burly.

Also, I now see a problem with my pen drawings: I need better subject matter!

Looks great. I do suggest learning to cut wood first. Then transition to metals. Lots to learn about CAM before netal.


Welcome to the Crew!