New Primo Big Issue

I guess big issues is overstating but none the less the following issues are preventing me from enjoying the cnc.

I spent some time battling with opposing motors on x & y axis . That was resolved pretty quickly as I have been using this wire harness over the last 5 years purchased from V1 and most recently the primo upgrade kit.

The machine is 36” BY 36”

DeWalt 660

Ramps 1.4 with lcd & duel Endstops

Dvr8825 drivers set to 0.7

I decided to use a new arduino and ramps 1.4 and drivers that I had so the burly components were left as they were.

After booting the board with 414.D bug fix 2.0 mpcnc duel endstops.

I was ready to move the machine around(opposing stepper movement was my first hurtle) and immediately noticed the machine did not respond the way it should. Motors were hissing and after moving only a couple mm’s and would lock up(hissing would continue).

I think it’s important to point out the drivers after a couple mins of me scratching my head became very hot.

Tried to move the x axis 1mm and it would jet 2 inches.

That alone led me to believe I have something wrong with my set up.

I decided to switch the board back to the burly setup (I kept the old one in tact as I had new duplicates of everything) The burly setup performed the way I left it including z axis (as expected).

The only issue I can see with this is when I home x & y the gantry just moves like 10mm to the right and 10mm up( I wasn’t using endstops before).

Home should be bottom left so again the fact that it didn’t home has left me puzzled.

Board for burly is V 414 bug fix 2.0. Duel

I have scoured the forum and instructional materials.

A little confused with how many drivers are needed 3 or 5.

Plugging In The Steppers¶

Remapping of pins is used in the firmware to allow the use of all the control boards drivers. The unused extruder driver/s are used for the extra stepper/s.

No worries. There are so many ways to do things, it can get confusing.

If one of the motors is driving the wrong way, you can unplug that motor (when everything is powered off) and just rotate that plug 180. It will drive the other way.

It sounds like there are missing jumpers under the drivers. You should install all three under all drivers. Without them, one step will move 32x too far. With some of them installed it will be 2x, 4x, or 8x too far.

414D is dual endstop firmware. X1, Y1, Z are wired to their ports. X2 goes on E0, Y2 goes on E1. Check that each motor moves the right way, and reverse the plugs if they don’t.

As you know, you can continue without endstops at this point. They are unnecessary. So if you’re too frustrated, this might be a good time to pause and get some wins before coming back to work on the endstops.

You can use Repetier host and send M119. The controller will return with the state of all the endstops. You can use this to check for wiring issues, or endstops wired to the wrong place.

Before sending a home command these things need to be right:

  • The motors need to move the right direction. Lower valhes go toward the endstops
  • The motors need to move the right distance. 1mm should be 1mm and 10mm should be 10mm. Don’t stress about 10.1 at this point.
  • The endstops should only show triggered when they are pressed.

Then you can test the home one axis at a time, G28 X, for example.

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This is just the retest sequence. When homing, it first finds the end stops, backs up a bit, and then retests the end stops. Without end stops installed, the machine reads the circuit as open and therefore at the end stop position. It back up a bit and then begins to test again only to find that the end stop circuit is still open.


Thank you for the help and advice guys, will explain my results now after having messed around a bit.

The newest version does not seem to work for me. As stated before the cnc locks up after after a short movement with z going completely nuts on a 1mm move.

Was suggested that jumpers may be the issue so with that logic in tow I removed the drivers and replaced them with the drivers form burly setup and the result was the same.

Went back to burly version (after putting the 3 drivers back) to figure out if I could trouble shoot the endstops.

Conclusion, I don’t think the version I had was equipped for endstops (not exactly sure though) so I went back to github and grabbed version 425 D slapped that onto another board so not to mess with other versions and removing any question of weather or not the burly I had was equipped with endstops.

I added the burly ramps set onto the arduino and fired it up.

Result movement is sound on all fronts move x in positive and it moves right, move y in positive moves up, move z and noting sketchy happened.

So I figured good time to give the endstops a go and to my surprise I will call it a minor success.
Minor due to the fact I’m not to sure if they are plugged into the right pins for E0 & E1 as there are 4 pins each to choose from.
Can someone please clarify this for me.

Instead of potentially messing things up I wanted to double check for my max x & z before going further. I’m just not sure if only x min and y min are working.

I will deal with z plate later.

Thanks in advance guys and gals.

On the ramps board, under the drivers are three jumpers. It sounds like you are missing some on the new ramps board.

The easiest way to check the endstops is with M119.

M119 command, can that be done through the lcd?
Also the ramps are all identical, I haven’t done anything to the other boards except put in the drivers.

M119 needs a computer or a tft or a v1pi. The lcd doesn’t show that.

So, you’re sure the jumpers are installed? You know which jumpers I’m talking about?

Now I’m not sure myself, lol so a pic should clear it up.

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That board doesn’t have any jumpers installed. So the drivers are configured for whole steps.

I don’t know how I missed that on the other board. How does one make those.

They should come with the ramps. You could just bend the pins over and solder them together. You could also make your own, but there isn’t much space. I have a few dozen spares from random board I have. They are almost all interchangeable.

Thank you for your patience, I can’t believe I didn’t see that even after you said it the first time. Glad to say the newest version is working great my only problem is figuring out which 2 of the 4 pins for X max and Y max. I have confirmed the 2 are not working, I just can’t figure out where in E0 and E1 to plug them in. Only have lcd to work with in the garage.

Do I need extra drivers for the endstops?
If so do those require jumpers?

Where on E0 and E1 ( 2b2a1a1b ) as there’s only 2 wires to plug in for each set.
Will putting them in the wrong place damage anything?
I can confirm I only have 1X and 1Y Endstop working.

Endstops don’t need extra drivers. But dual endstops needs extra drivers. All the drivers you use need to have all the jumpers installed.