New Tool Holder

I printed all the new Z axis parts… But i’m looking at the universal tool holder and I get how a tool would attach to it (using some of the 10 holes with a nut behind them), but when I look at thingiverse “Blank Tool Holders” ( I’m not sure I understand. Is that blank tool holder only connecting to the universal tool holder by 2 screws? Is that enough holding power to keep a tool stable on there? I would think you’d need at least 4 screws holding the blank to the universal tool holder. Does anyone have a picture or a video of the new universal tool holder in action?

The blank tool holder is an easy part to edit with all the features so a person could make there own mount. It is not for a tool (well actually it is the MK mount bracket). 2 screws is plenty for the extruder, pen holder, laser, pretty much anything but a spindle.

Or am I not understanding your question?

No, you got it , I understood that it was just an idea to make a mount; I guess I just didn’t think that 2 screws would actually hold anything, but i guess for no or low force, it would be fine. Any chance you could post a picture of the MK on that mount attached to the universal mount either here or on thingiverse?