New Z Nut trap question

Hi, I got side tracked on my MP CNC build. Just a number of things that came up but finally got a chance to get back on it. With the old design I had it doing some drawing using a pen and other than some slop that turned out to be related to printer alignment it was pretty decent. Was going to try to beta test the new design but as I said got sidetracked with a bunch of other things that came up.

So I’m just finishing the 2nd XY part and getting ready to start putting things together. This print is testing perfect with some test lengths of conduit where I had some small amounts of slop before. So I’m thinking that this will be rock solid.

But I was looking at the assembly notes any you were saying that the Z Lock nut should not protrude but I see that the one that I have appears to be ,105" taller than 7/8". Is this likely to cause a problem? I need to pick up some more conduit to redo the Z Axis tomorrow so I’ll check to see if I can find one that is exactly 7/8" but I think all the local sources carry the same brand that I got before.

Also was the length for the Z axis conduit listed anywhere? I don’t recall seeing it.

As soon as I have the new middle installed I’ll put up some videos of the machine in action.


I would grind the coupler down or just use a regular nut or 2. Although it might work, the issue is it could tilt the z axis out a tiny tiny bit.

Conduit length formulas are here.

Can’t wait to see it done. Mine are updated and running again and I am seeing a noticeable difference for sure.


That was going to be my fallback but I lucked out and Lowes now has some in stock that are exactly 7/8", so it’s a perfect fit and I can finish putting the new middle together.

It already looks much better than the original, even with the fairly long print times.