Newbie question

So, recently got into the 3d printing / Arduino thing, and want to attempt a MPCNC build.
Initially, I want to setup as a 3d printer, but I do a lot of woodworking and would soon after setup the CNC setup as well. For this, I wanted to be able to handle CNC tasks on a half sheet of plywood (48" X 48"). I am planning on purchasing the 3d printed kit from the shop, but for a build this size I see it should have spans for extra stability. Is this available somewhere on this site? Or elsewhere?

I don’t have access at the moment to a 3d printer to print out those files.

Well, I have some crappy news for you. A 3D printer that big is not a good idea, and actually even a router isn’t either. That puts the foot print at closer to 5’ square. Your prints would look horrible. It is a machine capable of multiple uses but not always at once.

If you want a printer build it small, if you want half sheet cutting just wait a little bit for my full sheet machine it will give much better results.

Ryan is totally right, but don’t worry too much, because once you have one, you will quickly want more! Maybe start with a 3D printer though, either the MP3DP or a smaller MPCNC. Then you can make another machine, and another and another…

I am not an accomplished woodworker, but I’ve watched a lot on TV. I have a 3’x4’ MPCNC (with a bit more than a 2’x3’ work area) and I would suggest that you may not need, or be happy with a larger one. You can do some operations in multiple steps, and there are a lot of projects that don’t need to have a CNC for the larger stuff. For example, if you just want to do some CNC cutting on the side of a cabinet, then you can cut the cabinet on your table saw, and then reference the outer edge somewhere in the work area, and make your CNC cuts in that area. But the workpiece will have to fit between the legs of the machine still. I’ve used it to engrave onto long boards by writing half the words, then moving the workpiece and writing the other half, etc. I’ve also thought about just using it to make templates, and then use the router with a flush trim bit. There are a lot of ways to make this work larger than it is.

If you are hoping to just cut cabinets over and over again, or big furniture from opendesk, then let’s hope Ryan releases the low rider soon. While you wait, you can get your feet wet in 3D printing.

Awesome, thanks a bunch for the feedback.

What is the max size you would recommend for a 3d printer?

I just ordered the 3d printer parts package, and I was thinking to do a 24" X 24" by 12" Z axis. Do you think that would still be to large?

If you have never owned a printer before start with the standard 200x200x200. Or less on the z axis I never print more than 120, that would make a nice build. 200x200x120

The bigger you get the more experience you need or you could get very frustrated very fast.