Newer Newby here.

No questions yet. Just an intro to let you know I’d bought your parts kit and am printing the plastic components (on the road) as we speak. I will without a doubt be looking for some guidance later. Cheers and what a great design. Congrats on your success.

Thank you for the kind words, post some pictures when you get it started. I don’t think its as hard as it seems, but my opinion doesn’t really count I guess.

I’ll post pictures on the progress. I’m in Texas working a contract and printing parts in my RV. I’m really only able to print them and clean them. I don’t have any real room to assemble anything until I get back home to the shop. (That’s where you sent the hardware and electronics)

My first observation though is most of the parts print without support pretty well on my Dremel single head printer. What a great machine. I suppose a shot of the roller still on the build platform without any support might be interesting. I’m printing one more this evening and I’ll upload it when it’s done.

This is an unsupported roller assembly piece I printed on my Dremel Idea Builder. I don’t always get this lucky, but your design required not a bit of support . I printed one with and the clean up was a bit involved. So, I tried the next unsupported and this was the result. Near perfect.

Edit: I saw your comment below. Got ya. I guess my pictures are too big. I’ll work on that.

Norhing should need support other than the ,better middle z.

I concur. If your printer is well setup, the printing process is a joy and only the better middle Z requires any support.

The parts have being very well designed with printing in mind. The only advise I can give is print say one corner block and one roller F and dummy fit your tube to see how actuate your prints are and if you need to adjust any parameters to get the neatest/best fit.

Good luck with your build, and be sure to share your results :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply and I’ll definitely post progress as I go.