Next latest project... Simple charcuterie board, with epoxy inlay

Just sent this one off yesterday… Birthday party is on Thursday. At least this one, I wasn’t up until 3 am to make sure it got done!

They wanted a monogram, and a bee. Worst part was trying to get the bee done from the bad file they sent me, and then I did the epoxy in one step, which cause me some grief when the yellow bleed into the black. Ended up having to carve some of the monogram out with my Dremel and re-pouring that portion of black, but in the end, you can’t tell.

Next up, a wedding ring holder. Wedding is happening on Friday, I’m wanting to get this done tonight. Nick of time manufacturing!

On the plus side, I’ve got the new laser set up, and it’s churning out cutting boards for me at about 4 to 10x the speed of my past setup, plus I can use the CNC while the laser does it’s thing. Had some setup issues with it, but think I’ve gotten past that now. crossing fingers Larry currently resides on the shop floor, till I decide his new long-lasting home. My GF is suggesting we move him inside, but then I can’t run the compressor, and I’m concerned about smells. I want to get him set up in the garage with proper ducting, to see if it’s tolerable.



I like the board :slight_smile:
Something like this is on my to-do list as well

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They’re very easy to make. My live edge supplier has nice flat pieces. Cut to width, give them a nice sanding, and then just a simple v-engrave. Pour the epoxy and let set for a day or two, then a sanding and oil to finish. Boom, done!


YIKES! I sorta feel like everything I do is done that way but I rarely have solid deadlines like those. Careful, that sort of thing will give you the grey hairs!

I don’t suggest it. One slip up and that stank just does not go away. Water and smoke are involved, either way nasty mess.
Congrats on the fun new tool though!

That cutting board is a really nice piece of work, proud to add it to the gallery!

My issue with leaving it in the garage is that the garage isn’t heated well. Like, I have a construction heater for when I’m out there in the winter, but it can get pretty chilly out there in our Edmonton winters. Other than that, I’m happy with the garage location.

On the plus side, the wedding ring holder has 1.5 coats of finish on it, and will get the top coat on at my lunch break. Delivery after work.


Oh boy do I hear that… (I’m right by Northlands, myself.) I don’t get to use my tablesaw for pretty much half the year. I have no heater at all in my garage.

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Hey, Dan! Nice to meet a fellow Edmontonian. I’m actually in your same general area!



love the bumble bee! where did you get the dxf/svg?

Really nice work! 1.5 coats? Did you stop halfway through the second coat to make that post? :yum: