No Motor Movement [Dual Endstop/ Rambo 1.4]

Hello, I have my Rambo board wired up. One question though does it matter which Z port is used since there are 2? I can’t get any motor movement out of my LCD or the laptop with repetier. I can connect and get the M119 command to work, all six endstop channels working correctly. I purchased everything from your website and the kit. I am using the dual firmware endstop kits as extenders. In two of the steppers I have 3 of the cables connected together. Everything seems like it’s working, they just won’t move. I think I may be overlooking something dumb like I need a G90 or G92 X0 Y0 Z0 etc. to get them to move. The are not engaging at all. I am using the 6 amp psu any thoughts here? The LCD buzzer is rather quiet also.

I believe you have power going to the wrong connectors… hard to see from your picture. Use the “C” connection for the motors. Checkout

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You need both.

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Yep that was my only issue. Thank you guys! I’m pumped!