No movement from stepper motors

Hi All,

I purchased the lowrider2 a few weeks ago and just assembled it this weekend.

I believe I have all the wiring correct, but can’t seem to get the stepper motors to move or even make a sound. This happens via software and if I use the LCD screen controls. I have check both fuses and they appear to be good (have continuity).

Attaching a few pics. Is anybody able to spot an issue with my wiring?

The instructions on the site say the board comes pre flashed. Perhaps this one has an issue?

When you first power on the system you should see a firmware version on the screen. What does that show?

As the board sits in your picture, in the upper left corner are two pins labeled X30. This pair is a 12V output from the motor bus. You can use these pins to (carefully) test whether the motor bus is powered. Not having power on the motor bus is the most common reason we see for the steppers to not move, but your wiring looks okay. From your picture, I see you provided power to the heated bed. This is not necessary, and it is not done for any Rambo CNC build I’ve seen on this forum, but I don’t think it has any impact on your issue.

When I first power on the board I see “Marlin 510S”

When testing the x30 pins I see no voltage when the unit is powered on, or when I use the lcd setting to manually move the x-axis.

Using my multimeter I can confirm there is 12v on the power input by testing via the small screws on top. I pulled the terminal block out and it doesn’t appear anything is bent or not making contact.

It sounds like you have a blown fuse.

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Can you show us the power plug please. It looks like only the board is powered and your positive only actually powers one port and not the steppers (or bed which you should unplug anyway).

Welp… I did not realize there were two surface mount fuses on this board. The f2 fuse is blown. I think we have solved my problem here. New fuses are on the way. Thank you for the help!

For what it’s worth I believe I did wire power to the motors backwards when I first wired the board. Seems that’s enough to cause this issue.


Fuses saved the board. Bummer that it happened, but at least the board is ok.