no ports available, lap top connection problems

I have finished my MPCNC and tested all 3 axis and they work fine with the LCD. I have not had any luck getting my laptop to connect to the Rambo. I have installed Arduino software and Repetier-Host on my lap top. When I open Arduino to connect a port it won’t let me see any ports, when I try to connect via Repetier-Host I get an error message that no ports are available. When looking at my hardware ports there is an indication that the Rambo is connected. Also how is the dewalt router mounted?

Mac or PC?


The dewalt 660?

You are on a windows 10 machine by the looks of your email. When you installed Arduino do you let it install the driver package as well? If you are not sure please reinstall it and make sure to agree to the driver pack. ( I am not 100% sure they are even needed anymore but let’s be certain). This is not a very common issue.

Make sure to reply in the forums please.

When on Windows 10. I couldn’t get the “App store” version to work correctly. I went and downloaded the install files from the website and ran them. If the problem persists make sure you download the software and not just install the app.

There is an app version? Oh jeez, don’t use that for sure.