No power to Ramps

I can get my LCD to light up at all and I don’t think power is going through the board. The green light on the power supply lights up but the light on the ramps board when I press it won’t light up.

Lets see a clear picture of it all wired up.

Where, What did you buy?


i can get a pic tomorrow. but it used to work and all of its from you.

Any idea what happened when it stopped working?

nope i powerd it on tonight and it was a no go

Check for a hole in the arduino’s 5V regulator. Typically once these ramps stacks work though they continue to work until something happens. Static, drop, humidity? If you want to send it in I can have a look but you will need to figure out if it is the LCD the power supply or the Stack or shipping both ways will be more than replacement parts.

Unplug and plug everything back in? unplug everything but the LCD? Without some sort of troubleshooting I could give you all kinds of things to check but have you verified with a multimeter it is actually getting power? 5A or 30A?

So it only works when plug into computer. When I plug it in the LCD light up and the steppers can be controlled.

That usually means the ramps 5V regulator died. Usually it goes in a puff of smoke and leaves a hole in the top of it.



There’s no hole

Doesn’t always happen you can test it by only powering the green plug and see if it is outputting 5V.

I can’t think of any other reason it would act that way.


How would I test it

The 5V pin is labeled on the arduino. Hit that with the multi-meter with the ramps board powered by the green plug only.

Ok will do that later tonight thanks.

So I’m a noob so how do I test to see if there are 5v with the multi meter

Set it to DC, if there are multiple setting you probably want the lowest DC on it. black probe on the ground, red probe on the 5V pin. [attachment file=43548]

It read 0.00

Yup your 5v regulator is popped. you can either replace the arduino or just the regulator (if you have some good soldering skills).

How long have you had it? If you are sure you didn’t do it if you send it in I will replace it for you.

Ok thanks. But why did that happen

I couldn’t say for sure. Usually once they work its good to go unless something external happens.