Not a LowRider, but Ispired By One

I have designed and built a machine inspired by the LowRider that is dedicated to light work. It incorporates the needle cutter for foam and will carry a pen or vinyl cutter. I was going to try and use Ryans parts, but ended up starting from scratch in Fusion 360. The goal was for the cheapest possible machine to cut out foam board model airplanes.

The fixed y-axis rails are adjustable for various thickness of spoil boards/vacuum pads. The z-axis has a 35 mm travel. The x-plates are adjustable for 3/4"-4" table thickness. I am using a 32" door which provides a 25"x70" cut area.

[attachment file=45297]

Here is the detail of the y-z carriage with integrated needle cutter.
[attachment file=45298]

And the end plates.

[attachment file=45299][attachment file=45300]

The dxf for the plates was updated to use the 60mm rollers available on this site vice the 69mm wheels from my cheap skates that I have been saving for this project since 1994.

Thanks for the idea.


Sexy vac table as well, cool!

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Too damn cool!! I may have to give this one a go. The entire reason I built the MPCNC was to cut foam for models. I have yet to do it as as I fell in love with milling lol… This looks like a great winter project. Please keep us updated with any new modifications or updates.


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How much did it end up costing you to build?

I didn’t spend much at all since I scavenged parts from my old 3d printer, but it is about$200 for everything including the door. I have a parts list in my article at Flite Test.