Nothing from steppers

I just got my machine put together. did all the wiring and moved onto the ramps board. I flashed it with the firmware without LCD. I purchased everything from other sources except the wiring harnesses.

The issue I am having is that I tried plugging in just the z access and controlling with repetier host manually and the machine says it connects fine and everything looks fine in the software. My stepper does nothing, not even a hum from the motor. When I plug in the ramps board before firing up the software a light on the ramps board flashes a few times green then goes out, under I can see a green light on the mega board. I have the 100ohm resistor on T0. Just trying to control one stepper at the moment. I have tried both on my mac downloading the driver and changing the baud rate, then tried re-flashing and controlling using a windows machine and get the same result.

Any ideas?

Never mind. Got it going.

Ah, but how? There will likely be someone else with the same problem that would appreciate the solution.

I thought you could just use the barrel connector to the mega for power to ramps, didnt know I needed to cut it off and connect it to the ramps board.