Now I just need to meet someone named Frank

So this has been a project for some time. With this project I learned how to take designs in inkscape then move to fusion 360 to model, and I learned fusion 360 CAM. My cnc.js quit working for some reason with this project so I instead decided to upgrade to LinuxCNC.

This project isn’t overly complex for many of you but it was a big project for me. This project has 4 tool changes. It starts with a 1/4in, to 1/8in, to .92mm, to a chamfer. The LinuxCNC tool changes went so smooth with the touchplate to set the offset. The stock LinuxCNC postprocessor needed some adjustments, and I think even more eventually.

This is a gift for my girlfriend’s dad … Who I haven’t even met yet

It went thru many variations. And failures. One broken bit.

I’ll post a pic of the clock movement once it’s all dried.

I’m still not happy with it but done is better than perfect. Time to move on to the next project.


You’re in good company:

“Perfection is the enemy of progress.” _____ Winston Churchill

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I think you should be proud of that. It looks awesome to me. I would like it even more if my name was Frank. I wouldn’t be surprised if that ends up being an heirloom, honestly.

That’s really cool. My dog :dog2: is named Frank, he has blue eyes :eyes:.


FWIW, if I were him, I’d let you sleep with my daughter.

Wait, the dog, or the girlfriend’s father?

I assume the dog would be on board too.