Now to see if Jeff can answer the questions before they are asked

Can you do it

Felt bad cloging up other threads so this is here

He did, but the answer predates this topic.

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Odd, about an hour ago he called and asked If I could block you from posting for a while. I think you figured it out, he is from the future. No wonder we can never beat him to the post.

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An hour late. You got me at dinner time (but it is August 26th here).


Just put a front of anyone and it messes with perception kind of a time rift

Wait a second… How in the heck does he get any decent cuts, if he’s always mucking about with that wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey nonsense? What about rigidity?!?


The keyboard hardware is programmable or the key file it’s all hardware. I’m going to get a comp.out and load up duban? What is a good distro now and try some of these thing out again