Octopi Display

I’ve been using Octipi to serve up my gcode to the machine. When running files created by Sandify the GCode Viewer screen doesn’t display anything. Do any of you know what I need to add into the code to get the display to show properly? Fake z movements? Anything?

I have been wanting this feature too but I dont know of an easy way. I think fake E movements would be the right direction but I’m not aware of an existing plugin that does it.

There are some cnc focused octoprint plugins, but I haven’t tried them. If there are any settings for showing travel moves, that would help. I don’t have high hopes with the default display though, because it is so focused on layers. It doesn’t work well in vase mode either.

There is a project, sandipy, that is a good start at something that could give us a better sand table interface.