Octoprint plugins for optimal functionality

As mentioned in this thread posted by @Darwin , it would be good to get some feedback on how best to use octoprint/octopi with the MP/LR systems.

Is there a list of what plugins/layout people are currently using in Octoprint for CNCing?

Maybe people could post the ones they’ve been actively using to make Octopi work for them?

And a screenshot of their dashboard.

I’m starting this post since it was a sidelight on the other post and in my interest to see what was out there, I installed most of them on my Ender octopi and now nothing works right…

Right now on the MPCNC octopi setup, I use the Octoprint-gpioRGBController to run a status light so I know when the raspberry pi is on and it will change colors with gcode commands sent in the header to indicate when a job is running and a job is finished. Other than that it is stock and there is not webcam connected to it. It simply acts as a print queue for easy upload from the design PC in the house.

I expect to add some GPIO buttons to start/pause/stop the jobs and use the PhysicalButton plugin for that as well as a couple formatting plugins to simplify the setup and I’ll post that once I have it dialed in.


I can’t live without firmware updater. I dont have any computer near the machine except for the Raspberry Pi and even if I did, it’s easier to track the binaries if I need to reflash, rather than uploading from Arduino (still havent moved to platformio).

Cnc gcode viewer is a work in progress.

Oh, and custom controls. I have heard some say that it is buggy, but I havent had any problems with it.


I like my own plugin, Terminal Messaging, which helps me see the difference between sent and received text:

I have a few that I really like for printing (mostly for remote status, the home assistant one, Mqtt, layer progress, octolapse, ws2812 led status). But I don’t need much on the CNC. I am right there for the whole job.

It would be nice if there was a plugin to take advantage of the periodic M114 (position) feature and keep that displayed. I wouldn’t mind a laser control widget, to set the intensity, show the current intensity, etc. I haven’t searched for these. Maybe they already exist.


I found a visualizer plugin that I like for 3D printing. I want one that will give a preview of the first layer, not just what it is doing. This one is pretty cool though:


it shows the location of the nozzle (or mill) and the steps below it.

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