old MKX Toolmount

I’m printing my mpcnc with a M3D printer. Some parts take a very, very long time to print but it’s nearly finished. But now I need the old MKX toolholder and I can’t find the part… And the new parts are too big to print with the M3D.
Where can I get the old MKX toolholder so I can finish my machine?

It would be very nice if there is an archive with all the parts (old, new & updated) so you can choose which version you want to build. And also if you have a small printer, some older parts fit very nicely. For example the old middle vs the rigid middle (not possible to print with a M3D).

It is a very nice design and especially the latest update is amazing.
I’m looking forward to print the latest version when I have finished the old one ^^

Thanks a lot

Thank you for the fast response, but I forgot to mention that I need the part for the IE… is this for the IE?

Okay I checked it and it won’t fit. Do you have an IE file?

Sorry that took so long.

Thank you!