Old Part files.

Just wondering where I could find the old versions of the MPCNC. Just wanting in case I need a replacement of middle section. Don’t want to have to make the whole middle section just because I need one small piece.

What part do you need and in what size? I can give you a temporary link.

its not that i need a part now. Its if in the future i need something. Normally i would head back to thingiverse and grab the file. But in this case the files are overwritten with the updated ones. If you want to give a temp link if i could just re download all the files and store them my my self. i believe im 23.5mm but i would need to measure for sure.

Most of the parts have had several revisions. If/When you break a part and don’t want to upgrade, post a pic and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Upgrading is the best option though. So far I have not updated a part just for looks. I only do it if it provides a functional benefit. If you have a part break that is a very good reason to replace it with a better version. I understand that can be a lot of work for a first gen middle part, but the current middle is many many times more rigid and square. Same goes for the rest of the parts.

Ya i get it. I was just like the other day i needed a new z motor mount. If i couldn’t have found one on i would have needed to make a while middle section just cause i need the motor mount lol. I will do as you suggest and just ask if/when i need. Also i appreciate the updates and i will most likely do them down the road. just wanted a backup for cases like the motor mount that i ran into.

Also thanks for the super fast response!!!

Hello Vicious1. I’ll post here rather than start another.

Life happened and I had a delay getting back to building my machine. Almost all the parts were printed and then a year had passed. Sure the new stuff is better, but at this point I have everything together the old way.

I realized that I did not get the files for motor mount plate, etc. for the bottom of the Z axis. I was able to find a mount for the DeWalt 660.

Was there a unversal mounting plate for the early rendition of the machines? If so may I please have an address to snag that file?

Thanks, Dale

There is not each tool mounted directly to the z tubes and each size needed it’s own mount. So the mounts are available for one size but not other usually. I left all my old tool mounts on thingiverse though. Mine should have one for each size.

Thanks for the prompt response. I’ll go looking for 23.5 mounts. Maybe this will prompt me to get better at designing in Sketchup.


Sorry to bring up an old topic. I am looking now to switch to the new middle. Will I have to upgrade the outer carriers to match or can I keep the older style.


c-roller and c-rollerm

You can keep them but, the new ones are much more rigid. So when you get a chance swapping them out as well would be cool.

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OLD Parts for MPCNC 25.4 -J
KIDS cant leave things Alone , I was over seas for awhile and came home a Machine Crash.

looking for the files to print
both top corners And both bottom Corners
the XYZ _J Z Motor _J Z_lower_J