One axis losing its power

Hey there,


the first “Big” project on the lowrider and after 20 minutes of cutting the right axis seems to loose its power. Simply dropping and destroying the workpiece by doing so.


As I’m troubleshooting, anyone have an idea what could cause it? vref set to around 1V (noticed skipping steps while being under 1V) and wired in series.


Never had this issue before, i think it could be a loose cable.


Any other ideas?


Thank you guys



What board, what drivers, what steppers? Where did you get 1v from?


1v on a drv8825 will go into thermal shutdown without really good active cooling and most stepeers will start to over heat as well.

Sorry, should rember to post the Info next time!



Drv8825 and the same steppers as you have in the kit


Use an 8mm fan, never failed on me. But I’ll try on the voltage limit you suggested tomorrow and see if something fails.


Thanks for the thermal shutdown info, haven’t had this in mind

I have a hard time running my steppers at anything over .7 and I am actually starting to set them lower. At 0.7V my steppers get to hot for my liking, I can’t imagine how they would feel at 1V, unless you are running them in parallel…if that is the case series is the way to go.

Thermal shutdown would kill both z motors though.

I would look close at the wires, tug then a little, and make sure they are mechanically attached.